Red Angus Grass Fed Beef

Beermullah Beef

Grass fed beef with peak-season flavour.

Beermullah Farm is a boutique family operation delivering premium beef to West Australians. We pursue excellence at every step of the supply chain including:

  • high marbling genetics
  • grazing on up to 20 annual and perennial grasses for optimum nutrition
  • maturing animals for an extra year
  • local processing
  • dry aging for two weeks.

Attention to detail behind the scenes delivers superior quality and depth of flavour that customers really appreciate.

Beermullah grass fed beef, preparing dinner.
Beermullah grass fed beef sausage rolls

“Having a good supply of premium Beermullah Beef in the freezer has been game-changing now I am back at work.” – Bec

 “We were served steak at a function in Perth. It was so disappointing compared to our home supply of Beermullah Beef, we couldn’t finish it.” – Cindy

“A Beermullah Beef topside roast that had been sous-vide for 24 hours and charred on the BBQ is possibly the best beef I have eaten.” – Mike

“Beermullah Beef is consistently good and delivery to our door makes life far less complicated.” – Sally

Harvesting for flavour and tenderness

Beermullah Farm breeds Red Angus with a high capacity for marbling which delivers richness and depth of flavour.  

Our beef also tastes its best when cattle have grazed only on perennial and annual grasses to 28 months. This extra time allows full development of marbling genetics.

Butchers say carcasses are at their best at the end of green spring grass, so we harvest once a year at peak condition. From there our butcher hangs the whole carcass for at least 14 days allowing the natural enzymes to break down fibrous muscles. This help all cuts to tenderise and intensify in flavour.

Bespoke butchering

We have partnered with a bespoke Gingin butcher who prepares eighths or larger quantities with great attention to detail. Serves are in family sizes and the meat is vacuum-packed, labelled and frozen.

We can deliver to your door, ready for you to stock the freezer and enjoy peak grass fed beef all year round. 

We provide a brochure with your delivery with Beermullah Farm season notes, best ways to defrost quality meat, and suggested cooking ideas. 

How ordering works

Please join our mailing list at the bottom of the page. We will notify you when Beermullah Beef becomes available each spring so you can place your order.

  1. In September of each year, we carefully select the best from our grass fed herd of 24-28 month old animals.
  2. We send an email notifying customers of seasonal beef availability and the overall price per kg.
  3. The beef is sold as a minimum of an eighth of a carcass, which is 25-32kg. Each order has the equivalent of an eighth of a whole carcass and has rump, T-bones, BBQ steaks, fillet, scotch fillet, roasts, corned beef, sausages and mince.
  4. If you would like to order beef we ask you to email us and confirm your order size and delivery address.
  5. We will then send an invoice for a deposit, with expected delivery date, approximate total cost, and cost of delivery.
  6. After selection, the carcasses will be hung for a minimum of two weeks, processed and cyrovaced in either four serving sizes or two person servings if required.
  7. The beef will then be frozen.
  8. An inventory is made of the packages and cuts in your order and this is emailed to you as an invoice.
  9. The invoice is of the total weight and cost and is to be paid before delivery.
  10. The frozen beef is delivered to your door on an allocated day if you are in metro Perth, or couriered to you in regional WA.

Premium Grass Fed Beef – Delivery to Perth and surrounds

For more information please contact Sally via our Instagram page,
email or mobile call/text 0414 253 110.   

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